Qaradawi urges summit to embark on withdrawal of Arab peace initiatives
Qaradawi urges summit to embark on withdrawal of Arab peace initiatives
Saturday, March 20,2010 13:43


In his Friday sermon, Sheikh Qaradawi criticized the Arab's standpoint on the peace proposal, which was launched in 2002, claiming that Israel had proved that it had no intention of returning any land it had occupied


Withdrawing the initiative is imperative now simply because neither Israel nor the US is bothered about it,” he maintained

The peace initiative, which was collectively approved by the Arab League summit in Beirut 2002, had stipulated that Israel be offered full normalization of relations if it withdrew from the Arab land occupied in 1967


Qaradawi, also slammed what he called the Arab leaders’ “silence” over the recent Israeli arrogant aggressions on the Al Aqsa Mosque and the construction of the divisive Al Ruin synagogue stressing that the "Muslims are lacking effective  leadership where sadly  their leaders are more interested in securing their seats  in power


The Arabs were living  in the  Palestinian lands long before the Hebrew people migrated to it and the Jews have no right to claim Jerusalem adding that “Only in the early twentieth century, did they began to infiltrate into the area and then only numbering a few thousand. In fact when the Muslim conquest had reached Jerusalem, there were no Jews in the city Moreover they were banned to enter it by the Romans


He concluded his sermon urging King Mohamed of Morocco, head of the Jerusalem Committee under the Organisation of Islamic Conference, to call for a Muslim summit to discuss the Israeli threats to both the holy city and the Al Aqsa Mosque