MB Chairman Dr Badie, congratulates Al-Azhar's newly appointed Cleric.
MB Chairman Dr Badie, congratulates Al-Azhar's newly appointed Cleric.
Friday, March 19,2010 22:00


The post of Al-Azhar's new leader was appointed to Ahmed Mohamed Al-Tayeb the current president of Al-Azhar University. The decree was issued by President Mubarak who is currently recovering from gall-bladder surgery
Sources established that French-educated Tayeb boasted a "moderate and enlightened view" when it came to Islamic issues. While meeting with Rowan Williams the Archbishop of Canterbury he relayed his opinion that the "Differences between people, whether in religious beliefs, thought, language or emotion, are a basic Quranic principle. Allah created diverse peoples
However, Tayeb is known for his rigid standpoint against the widely supported Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's largest and most organised opposition group. Despite being officially banned the movement won 88 seats in the last parliamentary elections while running as independents
Dr. Mohammed Badie, chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, extended a congratulatory message to Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb; on his appointment of Al-Azhar's new top cleric stressing that he was confident that he was up to the responsibility the post holds 

 In his message to the newly appointed Grand Imam he relayed his warmest wishes and hopes that his new position will be of the greatest benefit to Egypt and Muslims where his responsibility was great since al-Azhar  represented Islam world wide.
Al-Azhar's establishment houses a 1000 year old mosque, a prestigious university and several schools. It is considered Islam's highest institute of learning where its major function is to generate Islamic teachings and culture worldwide