Ashaal: The only option to save the Aqsa Mosque is resistance
Ashaal: The only option to save the Aqsa Mosque is resistance
Thursday, March 18,2010 21:55

CAIRO, -- Egyptian professor of political science Abdullah Al-Ashaal stated Wednesday that the only option to save the Aqsa Mosque from Judaization is resistance, adding that the Arab countries must be aligned with this option for the sake of their stability.

“It is obvious that Israel is persistent in achieving its goals in the Islamic holy places in Palestine because there is no Arab or Muslim official position preventing it from doing so, while the resistance has been weakened and isolated,” Ashaal said in a press statement.

“The only thing that can save the Aqsa Mosque now is the resistance, so the Arab countries can support it, albeit indirectly, in order to protect the Aqsa Mosque first and second to defend the stability inside the Arab states; because in the event of the downfall of the Aqsa, everything would turn badly on the Arab states and the peoples would revolt against their governments which in turn would find no choice but to engage in confrontation with their peoples, the thing which would lead to undesirable consequences,” he added.

The professor also expressed his dismay and regret at the involvement of the Palestinian Authority  and other Arab parties in weakening the resistance.

“In light of the current situation in which the authority of Mahmoud Abbas helps Israel against the resistance, direct the Palestinian weapon in the West Bank at the resistance, tighten the siege on the Gaza Strip, while the Egyptians deprive the Strip from electricity and strangle it, the resistance would certainly be weakened, and here I believe that if the position of Mahmoud Abbas and the position of Jordan and Egypt changed, the equation would certainly change,” the professor opined.