Ezzat's colleagues and students rally demanding release.
Ezzat's colleagues and students rally demanding release.
Wednesday, March 10,2010 17:32

Dozens of students and faculty staff members from the Faculty of Medicine, Zagazig University organized a protest yesterday in front of the new Hospital in Zagazig University demanding the immediate release of the Brotherhood's deputy chairman Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat, professor of Microbiology and immunology at the Faculty of Medicine and Professor of Urology at the Faculty's hospital, Dr. Ihab Ibrahim and ophthalmology professor Dr. Mohamed Abdul Ghani.

The march was led by the Secretary-General of the Medical Syndicate Dr. Abdullah Abdel-Meguid, a professor of ear, nose and throat surgery Dr. Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Hajj and the Professor at Faculty of Qualitative Education Dr. Ihab Mahmoud.
The Secretary-General of the Medical Syndicate called for the ending of cruel injustices his fellow detainees have undergone. He stressed that "These honest and influential men were highly regarded figures who were a positive influence in the reform process". He added that certainly there was a misconception on which side of the prison gates these men belonged.

Professors and students demanded the immediate release of detainees

The vigil which lasted approximately half and hour concluded with supplications to end the injustices practiced against the Egyptians and the setting free of all innocent detainees.