Victim of ElBaradei's support conference.
Victim of ElBaradei's support conference.
Tuesday, March 9,2010 16:15


The first victim of ElBaradei's support campaign- Security Officer stripped him of his clothes, tortured and detained him for a whole day for supporting ElBaradei and for calling for the protection of Al-Aqsa mosque.
Abdul Tawab was summoned to the state security's headquarters on Monday evening and was interrogated on his role in campaigning for Dr. ElBaradei at the Senorse region. and his participation in any conferences for the same purposes.
He was also questioned on his public appeals in mosques to protect Al-Aqsa Mosque.
The doctor was surprised by the State Security Officer's hostility who physically and verbally insulted and attacked him. He started kicking and hitting him then he ordered his assistants to strip him of his clothes and started beating him again using both his hands and legs.
The officer kept Abdul Tawab in custody until Tuesday 8am before releasing him. Dr Abdul Tawab went straight to Senorse Hospital for treatment from his beatings and entered an open hunger strike demanding the officer who insulted and tortured him is referred to the Prosecution.
 A team of 30 lawyers led by Mr. Eid Sayyed Abdullah submitted a complaint to the Attorney General of Al-Fayoum Prosecutions, Chancellor Abdel Hayy Fazoura, to investigate the incident. Chancellor Fazoura referred the memo to the Prosecution of Senorse Centre and ordered the assigning of Prosecutor Ahmed El-Gohary to proceed to the hospital to question the victim.
The victim also opened case No. 1483 of 2010. Two officers went to the hospital to question him on the incident however he refused to talk and said that he would only speak in the Prosecution's presence for fear of being arrested and tortured again.
In an interview with Dr. Abdul Tawab he ascertained that he was summoned to the State Security by a policeman who threatened to arrest him if he did not attend and meet Mr. 207. “I went and asked about Mr. 207 and found out that he was Officer Mohamed Abdel Tawab.
Officers surrounded me and dragged me to his office where he started insulting me as soon as I entered. He asked me about Etsa conference for supporting ElBaradei and when I denied he started beating me all over my body with the assistance of another agent” Dr. Mohamed added” he stripped me of my clothes, threatened me and beat me again. I fainted and when I came to my senses I found myself detained in a cell full of insects. I was unable to move so I shouted for help where they opened the cell and let me out before dawn. They warned me not to speak about the incident to anyone or they’ll make me disappear.
I submitted a complaint to the Attorney General and began an open hunger strike. “All I am asking for is my right. I am a doctor and have my status and dignity, I must not be insulted and tortured like a slave and even slaves are not treated this way. I want my rights and for this officer to be investigated and tried before court”.