Abdul Hamid Saleh latest SS Torture Victim
Abdul Hamid Saleh latest SS Torture Victim
Sunday, March 7,2010 15:45


Abdul Hamid is a 44 year old Egyptian citizen living in Alborolos District, Kafr Elsheikh governorate.
He was illegitimately arrested at the airport with no charges or arrest warrant. He was then sent to the SS headquarters in Nasr City for two days during which he was severely tortured.
Abdul Hamid was later transferred to Kafr El-Sheikh Police Department and was illegally detained in the deportation section from January 20th to February, 26th, 2010. 
He was tortured for five consecutive days and ordered to sign a confession stating that he is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and to provide information in this regards.
Kafr El-Sheikh State Security Investigations (SSI) issued an arrest warrant and on February 16th, 2010 he was transferred to Wadi El-Natron prison.
Mr. Abdel Hamid Saleh has been arbitrarily detained for over a month similar to hundreds of political detainees accused of affiliating with the MB movement
We remind that Egypt has ratified the Convention against Torture in July 25th, 1986 and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights in January 14th, 1982 and pledged to respect it.