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Security ban anti-IOF rally outside Azhar Mosque.
Security ban anti-IOF rally outside Azhar Mosque.
Saturday, March 6,2010 14:17


Police forces cracked down on protests scheduled to take place after Friday prayers outside the Azhar mosque in retaliation to incidents taking place against Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and the latest Israeli decision to include the Harram Al-|Ibrahimi and Bilal Ibn Rabah Mosque as part of the Jewish heritage.


Forces surrounded the Azhar Mosque prohibiting people from entering before undergoing tight security. Security forces detained Diyaa Alsawy, Akram Alerany and few other activists from the Labor Party and other trends from performing the Friday prayers in the Mosque and were only released after much discussion. "We were banned from even entering the mosque to pray and this is our right. We must all unite and voice our distaste against the arrogance of the Israeli entity. The silence is shameful".


The detainees were offered released however were banned from entering into the Mosque's grounds.