Tamim: further evidence of Mabhouh's assassination
Tamim: further evidence of Mabhouh's assassination
Saturday, February 20,2010 11:31


Tamim told the UAE's al-Bayan newspaper on Thursday: "The assassination of Mabhouh has become an international crime that is not directed against the UAE alone, but also affecting European and other Arab countries, as it was proven for all that the perpetrators of this crime are involved in multiple crimes, including the crime of forgery of passports used by the suspects in several European countries," referring to the alarm expressed by the British, French, German and Irish authorities, during official communications made by the Dubai Police to get clarifications on the passports used by the suspects to enter Dubai.

He rejected, attempts by some to evade responsibility in facing such an "international crime", adding that the details of the crime were documented by photos and videos and were made public for all to see.

He pointed out that it was the first time a team of this size and level of professionalism is discovered causing a great shock and embarrassment to the perpetrators that stand behind them and exposes their backs.