Detention of 4 JOURNALISTS in Benghazi - Libya
Detention of 4 JOURNALISTS in Benghazi - Libya
Thursday, February 18,2010 10:36

The Libyan government led a fierce campaign which began January 24th in an attempt to stifle freedom of expression. The government operation   screened all independent news websites operating from outside Libya, blocking sites such as YouTube. the formation of a new body called the (Press Deputy) was established for the purpose of threatening journalists and media professionals who published reports and investigations on the prevalence of corruption in state institutions.
"The Good Evening Benghazi" crew members were arrested by Libyan government officials after orders were issued by General Security Officer Abdul Fattah. The programme which has been renowned for exposing corruption was cancelled and executions of opponents in the eighties and nineties, are now trying to restore the dominance by intimidation of the journalists. The crew is currently held in individual cells where it is anticipated they will be interrogated separately.
 Both Human Rights and Solidarity (HRS) and Human Rights Watch (HRW) Published press releases call for your cooperation to denounce the violations and the silencing by the media and satellite television channels which avoid discussing the situation in Libya.
Attached is a copy of human rights solidarity press release (in Arabic) and a link to Human Rights Watch press release (found below)
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information  
Khaled Saleh 
Secretary General of the Organization