Haneyya's government invites Mousa to visit Gaza Strip
Haneyya's government invites Mousa to visit Gaza Strip
Tuesday, February 16,2010 18:06


In a statement it issued on Monday, Haneyya's government highlighted the importance of the Arab delegation visit to Gaza  stressing that the Arab parliaments however can do more than just a visit to rescind the unjust siege on the Strip.

"We deeply appreciate this solidarity visit but we believe that our people deserve more than a visit, they deserve practical and serious steps to bail them out of the repressive siege that they have been suffering for four years now", the government underlined in the statement.

The government also welcomed the efforts of the Arab league and Mousa in supporting peace in the war-torn Sudanese province of Darfur, explaining that the visit of the Arab representatives  to the province and holding meetings there contributed to calming the situation there.

"We indeed feel what our brothers in Darfur feel, yet, we confirm that our people in the besieged Gaza Strip deserve more attention and more practical steps to lift the siege that almost destroyed all aspects of life in Gaza", the statement pointed out.

For his part, Hassan Abu Hasheesh, the head of the information office in Haneyya's government, invited Mousa to pay a visit to Gaza and to hold the preparatory meeting of the Arab foreign ministers in Gaza city, saying, "history will record such historic step for the AL if it indeed did it".

However, Abu Hasheesh regretted the "biased" stand of the AL in the Palestinian internal rift, explaining that the AL seems to be taking positions in favor of the Fatah faction at the expense of Hamas Movement alleging "international consideration".

"Indeed it sad to have an AL position like this because it freezes the role of the League which should always be vital and should translate its principles, charter, and system for all member states to achieve the Arab dream which Palestine is part of", Abu Hasheesh underscored.

Mousa has called for an Arab meeting in Darfur to demonstrate Arab support to the integrity of Sudan.