Free Dr. Ebrahim Yazdi
Free Dr. Ebrahim Yazdi
Tuesday, February 9,2010 07:43

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim
January 29, 2010
Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenei Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Pastor Complex, Imam Khomeini Street,
Tehran, IRAN
Assalamu Alaikum
It is with great shock and sadness that we hear of the arrest and continued detention of  our dear brother in Islam and former President Dr. Ebrahim Yazdi. Dr. Yazdi is one of the founders and the first President of the Islamic Society of Greater Houston, which today is the largest Islamic organization in the United States of America.
Early meetings of our society were held in 1960’s in the home of  Br. Ebrahim Yazdi and were  hosted by him and his wife, our dear sister Souroor. Br. Ebrahim was instrumental to purchase and construct our first masjid in Houston. Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Allah, subhanahu wa ta’aala, and the good intentions and hard work of our brother Ebrahim this society has grown to have over 18 major Islamic Centers consisting of masaajid, full time schools and Shifa clinics.
In our experience, Br. Ebrahim Yazdi is a man of peace, of deep faith, of great patience and respect for difference of opinion. We also know that he has always believed in and practiced as his Islamic duty of speaking out against injustice. We are especially saddened that he is imprisoned because of his peaceful promotion of freedom and democracy with the Islamic principles. We also know that he is now elderly and in poor health since his treatment for cancer here in Houston several years ago.
Our expectation of your government is to treat our brother with dignity and respect he deserves. His continued imprisonment is unjust and contrary to the principals of Islam.  We, the Islamic community of 300,000 Houstonians request you to release Br. Ebrahim and other peaceful opponents immediately and unconditionally. May Allah, subhanau wa ta’ala, reward you for this kind gesture.
Aziz  A. Siddiqi, Ph.D.


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