February 16, reviewing the lawsuit on terminating the constructer of the steel wall
February 16, reviewing the lawsuit on terminating the constructer of the steel wall
Sunday, February 7,2010 08:03
By Mohamed Saeed


The Administrative Judicial Court, Headed by Councelor Adel Farghali decided to review the lawsuit to terminate and abolish the decision of constructing the steel wall and the closure of Rafah crossing and imposing exceptional restrictions on this crossing border unlike the rest of crossings and ports in the country.
A huge number of political activists, intellectuals and public figures called for a campaign of petitions and calls for Ambassador Ibrahim Yosri regarding the lawsuit.

Ambassador Yosri filed a lawsuit which was joined by 172 political activist from different political backgrounds including six foreign activists. The lawsuit was aiming to stop and ablolish the resolution of constructing a steel wall.

The lawsuit illustrated that the construction of the steel wall violates the principles of international law which regulates international relations during war and armed conflicts and the contradicts with the rules of the "Hague" in 1907 which emphasizes respect for the Laws and Customs of War on Land, and regulates the use of force, prohibits destruction of property of the conflicting parties.

In addition to this it violates Geneva Convention IV concerning civilians and their protection in the event of war. It also clarifies the nature of governance in areas of conflict and maintain the existing legal situation in the region during the occupation, and prohibits the transfer of local residents outside the region by force and prohibits residing citizens of the state in the occupied area.