10 Fatah leaders officially resign in Nablus
10 Fatah leaders officially resign in Nablus
Monday, February 1,2010 11:53

10 Fatah leaders on Saturday evening submitted their official resignations to the leadership of their movement’s central committee in Nablus in protest at monopolizing the regulatory decision-making and not implementing the revolutionary council's resolutions.

Hazim Dukan, one of those who resigned, said that the resignations was handed to Mahmoud Al-Aloul, a member of the central committee, after all dialog meetings in this regard reached a deadlock.

Dukan added that the resigned Fatah leaders tabled six legitimate demands including implementing the resolutions of the Sixth Conference of Fatah, changing the region’s seven committees and correcting financial matters of the province, but to no avail.

He noted that with these resignations, there are no Fatah representatives left in Nablus refugee camps.