Beltagy: Muslim Brotherhood object to sectarian prejudice.
Beltagy: Muslim Brotherhood object to sectarian prejudice.
Friday, January 22,2010 08:33

 The MP asserted that the Brotherhood not only opposed sectarian prejudice but called for freedom of rights, religious freedom and tolerance. Islam is a religion, which advocates the adherence of open-mindedness, lenience and forbearance. In fact, the Muslim Brotherhood's founder Imam Hassan al-Banna often took the advice and initiative of his Coptic friends demonstrating that the Movement was based on benefitting the whole community rather than concentrating on a particular group of people regardless of religion. He highlighted that Egypt was a nation where Muslims, Copts and Christians must live as one. Beltagy added Muslim and Christians share a common history and national identity They also share the same ethniticity, race, culture and language

Christians are geographically dispersed throughout the country, and Christians, Copts and Muslims must continue living together as neighbours. He claimed that we must as one nation learn to overcome the religious tension which may arise due to sporadic and random individuals who cause religious prejudice and violence referring to recent incidents in Naga'a Hamadi.

Beltagy stated that the amendment of the Citizenship article was drafted with the Muslim Brotherhood in mind to create further strife ascertaining that the real solution was in the hands of the ruling regime that opted to take full control leaving no opportunity for other trends and movements to participate in any form of political or social issues. It seemed that the NDP has its heart set on not only monopolizing Egypt but of crushing any body that dared voice its opinion using the Brotherhood as suitable scapegoats when the need arises.

The MB MP concluded citing that if the authorities directed their energies correctly Egypt would be a much more agreeable place to live and the real criminals punished rather than innocent people.