Galloway: More convoys expected from Venezuela, South Africa, Malaysia
Galloway: More convoys expected from Venezuela, South Africa, Malaysia
Friday, January 8,2010 18:32

 GAZA, -- British MP George Galloway has vowed that more aid convoys would be organized for Gaza from Venezuela, South Africa and Malaysia.

Speaking at a program for Al-Jazeera TV on Wednesday night, he said that the Venezuelan and South African presidents would head their countries' convoys while former Malaysian premier Mahathir Mohammed would head his country's aid convoy.

Galloway lashed out at the Egyptian authorities for assaulting members of the Lifeline-3 convoy in El-Arish simply for bringing food and medicine to the besieged people of Gaza.

The Egyptian authorities promised to allow the convoy to enter Gaza through El-Arish harbor but they did not live up to their promises on the contrary they "besieged us, they locked us up, they betrayed us", he said.

The MP described El-Arish incidents as a "shame on Egypt", expressing conviction that 80% of the Egyptian people do not approve of the way his convoy was treated.

He recalled that other convoys were treated in similar ways, adding that Egypt was playing the role of dividing the Arab world.

Galloway described statements by the Egyptian foreign ministry spokesman Husam Zaki in which he said that the convoy members did not abide by the Egyptian instructions as "Sheer lies".