Al-Gafari: appointing the son of Zaki Badr is disastrous.
Al-Gafari: appointing the son of Zaki Badr is disastrous.
Tuesday, January 5,2010 00:21

MP Ibrahim Al-Gaafari, of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc and the Education Committee, stressed that the change in the ministries yesterday was unexpected however it is small compared to the huge problems Egypt is facing.


President Hosny Mubarak issued a republican decree to appoint Dr. Ahmed Zaki Badr as Minister of Education and Eng. Alaa El-din Mohamed Fahmy Ahmed as Minister Transportation.


The MP emphasized that appointing Dr. Ahmed Zaki Badr as Education Minister is a death sentence to education and an introduction of a martial way of thinking to education. He asserted “this is an indication that all ideas and strategies set by the former Minister of Education will be abolished”, adding “we shall expect even more disastrous educational problems in Egyptian schools during the coming period”.



The new decree also included the appointment of new governors for East and North Sinai, Helwan, Marsa Matrouh and Bani Suef. The new governors include:


Mohamed Abdel Fadeel Mohamed Shousha, governor for South Sinai.


Qadri Yousef Mahmoud Abu Hassan, governor for Helwan.


Murad Mohamed Ahmed Mowafi, governor for North Sinai.


Ahmed Hussein Mustafa Ibrahim, governor for Marsa Matrouh.


Dr. Samir Ahmed Seif Alazl Mahfouz, governor for Bani Suef.