Abdel Aziz calls for the elimination of corruption in elections
Abdel Aziz calls for the elimination of corruption in elections
Thursday, December 24,2009 12:20

 MP Abbas Abdel Aziz, of the MB Parliamentary bloc, submitted an urgent request for information to the Minister of Housing and Minister of Local Development regarding the Central Federation for Housing Cooperation and the indefinite postponement of the elections of the Housing Association of Nasr Petroleum Company. Aziz stressed that the reason for this is that "the governor wanted to exclude those who wanted to run for this elections because he believes they opposed his policy".


The MP stressed that denying the rights of citizens to vote or to be elected in free and fair elections by running the elections at night is an explicit violation to the law and the Constitution which stipulates the running of fair and transparent elections.


 He pointed out that thousands of employees working in this company were deeply affected by this random and unfair decision as they need an elected council to look after their interests. In Al-Nour city for instance, the old council was dissolved after the end of its mandate while the new one was frozen after months of its election


The MP denounced the mismanagement and hindering of the Articles of the law and Constitution and called on the government to choose for leadership positions for those who respect the provisions of law, constitution and people instead of appointing those who take unilateral decisions which have negative impacts on the nation. He called on the government to immediately intervene and enforce the provisions of law and to hold the elections as soon as possible in order to save the rights of the employees.