Interrogations spark a fierce confrontation between the government and MB bloc
Interrogations spark a fierce confrontation between the government and MB bloc
Sunday, December 20,2009 10:36

The parliamentary session today witnessed a fierce confrontation between the MPs from the MB Parliamentary bloc and the government regarding the interrogations by the MB MPs on the educational crisis, deterioration in the educational institutions and the increase of expenditures in addition to the restructuring of the Faculties of Education which threaten the future of citizens and nation.


Dr. Ibrahim Al-Gafari, Abbas Abdel Aziz, Azab Mostafa, Ali Laban, Ahmed Abu Baraka and Bahaa Eldin Attia were among the MB MP's who discussed the crisis with the Ministers of Education and Local Development.


 A date will be set for the discussion of 11 interrogations aimed at a number of ministers including the Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Culture, Minister of Investment, Minister of Media, Minister of Housing and Minister of Health during the next Parliamentary session. Two additional questionings will be submitted to the Prime Minister, by MP Mostafa Bakry on the blocking of the streets surrounding the American Embassy and the prevention of any citizen to cross these streets or even walk by it.  Ahmed Abul Gheit, Minister of Foreign Affairs will be present during the session. The second interrogation aimed at the PM is by Salah El-Sayegh, Member of the Wafd party, on the blatant looting of the State’s territories East of the Suez Canal by the so called "territory mafia".


There will also be a date set for the questioning of the Minister of Agriculture submitted by MP Dr. Akram El-Shaer, member of the MB Parliamentary bloc, concerning the government’s indifference about the northern lakes and Al-Manzala Lake's destruction and the shooting of fishermen on the lake.


 Further dates will be scheduled for discussions with reference to the government’s failure in the national project for the development of Sinai. Another interrogation submitted by MB MP Azab Mostafa to the Minister of Culture discussing the pitiable protective system of the Egyptian Museums resulting  in  the loss of 131 ancient valuable pieces and the seizure of the insurance of these pieces which is worth more than $50 million.


 Another interrogation to the Minister of Media submitted by MB MP Mohamed Kosba on the waste of public funds of  the Radio and TV  is expected to be scheduled.


It is anticipated that the Parliamentary session will be fierce with severe attacks on the government, and the National Democratic Party (NDP) by opposition where there are 118 requests alone for information on the educational process.