Journalists demand rescheduling of Syndicates Elections.
Journalists demand rescheduling of Syndicates Elections.
Saturday, October 31,2009 01:56

Journalists unite objecting to the date set by the Judiciary for the Press Syndicate's elections. The date set coincides with the Adha Eid where many journalists will still be performing the Hajj rituals.

Diyaa Rashwan one of the nominees stated that the date scheduled is a violation of the charters where certain prerequisites set have been defied. The charter stipulates that 50% of the syndicates board members' must be present during the elections and this will not be the case since the syndicate is comprised of journalists from all over Egypt deeming it difficult for them to voice their votes in ballots because of crowding and travelling due to Eid.

The following dates have been set for candidates' nominations and appeals:

Thursday December 3   Elections

Saturday November 7   Gates open for nominations

Wednesday November 11 closing date for nominations

Thursday November     12 Candidates names' list announced

A three day period will be available for appeals and challenges to contest any nominations.