Report reveals overcrowding of Egyptian prisons.
Report reveals overcrowding of Egyptian prisons.
Friday, October 16,2009 21:25

 The National Research Centre has issued a report which has warned of repercussions which may occur as a result of overcrowding in Egyptian prisons. The report continued that overcrowding can lead to mental, physical, emotional and psychological problems to the imprisoned detainees.

Dr Atia Mahana who had conducted the survey has revealed that Egypt's jails are only fit to house 17 000 prisoners; however the prisons currently have more than 22 000 inmates. They include criminal offenders, political activists and those still awaiting sentencing. He continued that he believed that reason for overcrowding comes down to the lack of sufficient supervision in the distributing of prisoners and the uncalled for detaining of those awaiting sentences.
 The report added that these unsuitable conditions could lead to diseases among those detained including skin and respiration diseases, infections and aids.
The report called for more serious supervision including follow ups of those detained after court rules are issued including community work. Ideas including the issuing of court rulings banning any offender to return to the place of crime thus encouraging honest and decent work in the form of community service therefore helping the offender of his own self worth.