Islamic-Christian front calls for urgent emergency plan to support Jerusalemites
Islamic-Christian front calls for urgent emergency plan to support Jerusalemites
Wednesday, July 15,2009 04:34

The Islamic-Christian front for the defense of Jerusalem urged Tuesday the Arab League and the organization of the Islamic conference to develop an urgent contingency plan to strengthen the steadfastness of Jerusalemites at all levels against the serious judaization escalations in the city.


Dr. Hasan Khater, the secretary-general of the front, called on those institutions to take actions that would mitigate the effects of the Zionist aggressive policy pursued against the holy city and its people, warning that time is not in favor of the city and its people.


Dr. Khater said that the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) is waging a big and serious attack on the Palestinian real estate and homes in Jerusalem and threatening to demolish more than 10,000 homes at the pretext of unlicensed construction, adding that it has started removing entire Arab neighborhoods under similar pretexts and refuse to give Palestinians new construction permits.


He underlined that the rate of poverty among Jerusalemites exceeded 69 percent and is still on the rise, adding that the IOA was able to destroy the economy of Jerusalemites and the Old City markets which led to the closure of most souks (small markets).


The front"s head also said that the closure of the holy city in the face of Muslims and Christians over the past years had led to a significant economic decline represented in the shrinking number of shoppers and consumers, noting that what adds insult to injury is the continuing Israeli attacks on Jerusalem’s exhausted economy through imposing on Palestinians more than 14 financial taxes.


He warned that these Israeli-made crises that get worse everyday turned the lives of Jerusalemites into unbearable hell and made many of them escape from this bitter reality imposed by the occupation.