DFLP: Abbas’s security imprisons NRB elements
DFLP: Abbas’s security imprisons NRB elements
Wednesday, July 8,2009 12:13

Central committee member of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) Talal Abu Dharifa has revealed that West Bank security apparatuses loyal to former PA chief Mahmoud Abbas were holding elements of his Front"s armed wing, the National Resistance Brigades (NRB), in their jails.


Abu Darifa told Safanews in a statement on Tuesday that the security apparatuses in the West Bank should differentiate between resistance fighters and common criminals, calling on the government in the West Bank to re-consider its security policy.


He noted that armed wings in Gaza have agreed on the formation of coordination committees that would later develop into a joint operations rooms to settle any field problems.


The DFLP official championed dialog to solve all internal troubles, warning that coups would not solve the problems but would rather drag the Palestinians into a civil war.