The Tunisian Renaissance Movement condemns attacks on HR Activists
The Tunisian Renaissance Movement condemns attacks on HR Activists
Tuesday, June 30,2009 01:05

The Tunisian Renaissance Movement deeply condemned the assaults by the Tunisian government on a group of lawyers and human rights activists as they returned home after attending a conference on displaced Tunisians.
In a statement to the Movement it stressed the following:
The repressive authority persists in its arbitrary practices to oppress political and human rights activists, totally ignoring the national and international demands to put an end  to these violations.

 The authorities on Tuesday 23 June 2009 attacked a group of lawyers and severely beat up Mr. Abdel Raouf Al-Ayyadi, a member of the Freedom and Justice Organization, and former Secretary-General of the Freedom Council and member of the Conference For the Republic. Mrs. Radia Al Nasrawy, head of the Tunisian Association Against Torture also faced offences while they deliberately provoked and insulted Mr. Samir Dilo, a member of the International Committee for the Defense of Prisoners.

These attacks occurred on their return back to Tunisia after attending the Conference of the Displaced Tunisians which was held in Geneva and included large attendance of activists for human right and freedom of speech .
The Renaissance Movement strongly condemns such practices and calls on all forces of the legal and political societies to unite in the face of these practices to put an end to it.