Hamas: We retain the right to retaliate to PA violations against W. Bank women
Hamas: We retain the right to retaliate to PA violations against W. Bank women
Monday, June 15,2009 06:19

The Hamas Movement stated Sunday that it retains the right to retaliate to the violations committed by the PA security apparatuses against West Bank women and the Palestinian resistance if they persisted in such practices.


During a picket organized by the ministry of women’s affairs in Gaza in solidarity with the West Bank women against the PA violations, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said that the abduction of women and wives of martyrs and prisoners reflects the level of moral and national decline reached by the security apparatuses under the command of ex-PA chief Mahmoud Abbas.


Spokesman Abu Zuhri affirmed that such practices would drive Hamas to take strong action to stop the PA security apparatuses’ violations against its cadres and supporters especially women in the West Bank.


For her part, MP Jamila Al-Shanti, a member of Hamas parliamentary bloc, underlined that the use of West Bank women as a means to pressure Hamas would only make it stronger and more determined to liberate Palestine from the occupation and its lackeys.


MP Shanti strongly denounced the silence of the international community and human rights organizations towards the PA violations committed against the Palestinian women in the West Bank.


For her part, Etimad Al-Tarshawi, a senior official a the ministry of women’s affairs, appealed to all international organizations concerned with human rights to urgently intervene to stop the violations committed by Abbas’s security apparatuses against women in the West Bank.


In a related context, Dr. Hossam Odwan, the head of the society of university professors, deplored on Sunday Abbas’s security apparatuses for carrying out arrest campaigns in the ranks of professors and students.


In a statement to the PIC, Dr. Odwan said that the PA policy of kidnapping university professors  and abusing them verbally and physically proves the state of ignorance and the absence of common sense suffered by Abbas’s security apparatuses.


The PA security apparatuses are still kidnapping hundreds of university professors and students in their jails and a large number of them are exposed to severe rounds of torture.