Katatni: Our stance From Women is Clear And No One Can Outbid Us
Katatni: Our stance From Women is Clear And No One Can Outbid Us
Sunday, June 14,2009 16:38
In its evening session today, the Parliament has finally ratified the law concerned with allocating 64 seats for women in the Parliament.
Dr. Mohammed Saad El-Katatni (Member of the Parliament and Head of the MB Parliamentary Bloc) has pointed out in an interview that “no one, neither the majority nor the opposition, deny the right of women’s representation in the Parliament, and no one can outbid us in this issue, since we have released a statement on the right of women to participate in elections,take public positions and so on”.
He stressed his rejection to the law, clarifying that it is not due to the question of its continuality alone, but also due to the political goals and the lack of equal opportunities.
He added “in some countries in the region, the representation of women has risen without the need to resort to such law”, while pointing out to the blockage of the political life in Egypt and giving examples to the elections forgery and abolishment of the judicial supervision, claiming that it was the reason behind the weak political representation of women.
Katatni stressed that Egyptian women are strong, hard working and positive. They have their own experiences and are determined to participate as we have seen how women climbed the stairs in the third stage of the last Parliamentary elections in order to be able to cast their votes, pointing out that more than 500 women have applied for elections, but could not submit their papers, blaming the policy of exclusion for not permitting women.
He also called for a real reform in the political life in Egypt and for the security to release the freedoms of parties and political forces.