Habib: Actions speak louder than words
Habib: Actions speak louder than words
Thursday, June 11,2009 10:58

Dr. Mohammed Habib, Deputy Chairman of Muslim Brotherhood group, has commented to Ikhwanweb on what was written by the author "Frank Gaffney" in the editorial of the Washington Times regarding Obama and the MB "yes, Barack Obama is the President of the USA and has great competencies, however we should not forget that USA is a state of institutions and has groups that have their own interests of financiers, businessmen, industry, weapons in addition to the Zionist pressure groups  in the institutions which have great influence on the American policy.
In fact, I am concerned about the US president failure in improving the image the Arab an Islamic world have about USA, since he has many internal and external challenges that impedes the achievement of this goal.
The Islamic world has welcomed the tone Obama spoke with in his speech and the partnership he suggested between USA and the Islamic world which should be based on trust and respect, however speaking is something and having a real change by the US administration towards Muslims is something else.
Politics is never based on words and statement but on actions and if Obama"s visit was not associated with real change then there is no point of it.
Habib added " what was published in the Washington Times that the US President is from the Muslim Brotherhood group is only a campaign Islam haters because they fear that Obama succeeds in improving the image of Islam before the west or vice-versa."
He stressed that those haters are behind this kind of campaigns and others launched against the US President aiming at stopping him from even speaking with respect and decorum with Muslims, in addition to their knowledge that the approach of MB adopts the right approach of Islam which is based on mercy, justice, equality, and this contradicts with what they want as to keep the west always afraid of Muslims in general and of Muslim Brotherhood in particular.