The Egyptian government paves the way for Further restrictions imposed on the Civil Society
The Egyptian government paves the way for Further restrictions imposed on the Civil Society
Sunday, June 7,2009 01:55
Civil Society Organizations signatory of this statement express their extreme uneasiness about the rumors constantly disseminated by the Ministry of Social Solidarity to the press about new amendments to the law regulating Egyptian NGOs while the organizations primarily concerned by this law are totally turned down from the whole process. Moreover, official authorities are ignoring any efforts developed by CSOs aiming at promoting a legislation compatible with the international standards of the freedom of association, such as the draft law developed by a group of NGOs that was widely adopted after months of debates and positive discussions including activists, parliamentarians with the participation of a representative of the Ministry of Social Solidarity especially invited to transmit the vision proposed by the Civil Society to the official authorities.

However, the Ministry is showing evident signs of carefree attitude reflected by a full blackout about the draft law proposed by NGOs and the announcement that a committee was established to draft the amendments adopted at the official level; it is worth mentioning that this committee does not include any representation of the Civil Society, especially human rights organizations.

The attitude of the Ministry and its attempts to pass on the law under the false pretext that its draft was developed through a participatory approach including NGOs while the entire process took place in a secret manner is totally unacceptable. Moreover, the Ministry is seeking to add legitimacy to its actions by involving the General Union of NGOs - which is a semi-governmental body – in the decisions related to the dissolution of Civil Society Organizations as it appears by the news released to the press lately.

Signatory NGOs confirm that the law won"t gain such legitimacy without an effective participation of all the concerned parties, including the inclusion of the draft law proposed by NGOs on the agenda of the discussion, as one of the alternatives to the present Law 84/2002.

Furthermore, if the Ministry of Social Solidarity perseveres in its attitude showing animosity towards the Civil Society, signatory organizations will take the necessary legal procedures in order to counteract any governmental attempts to consecrate the repression of NGOs" activities and grants the administration additional powers threatening the integrity of these organizations.

Signatory organizations :-
  1. Andalus institute for tolerance and inti- violence studies
  2. Arabic network for human rights information
  3. arabs center of democraty and human rights
  4. Association for freedom of though and expression
  5. Cairo institute for human rights studies
  6. Civil Observatory for Human Rights
  7. Communication Centre for development
  8. Community development of democracy
  9. Egyptian Center for Child Rights
  10. Egyptian Centre for Development and Democratic Studies
  11. Egyptian initiative for personal rights
  12. Elhak Center For democracy and human rights
  13. Forum for development and human rights dialogue
  14. Habi Center for Environmental Rights
  15. Hisham Mubarak legal Center
  16. Land center for human rights
  17. Nadim Center for Psychological Treatment and Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence
  18. New women foundation.
  19. The Arab Center for Development and Human Rights
  20. The Arab Organization for Penal Reform
  21. The Arab Organization for support the civil society and human rights
  22. The Arab program for human rights
  23. The association for human rights legal aid
  24. The Association of Defenders of Justice for Human Rights
  25. The Association of Researchers in Egyptian Universities and Centers
  26. the center for trade union and workers services
  27. The Egyptian Association against Torture
  28. The Egyptian association for community participation enhancement
  29. The Egyptian Association for sustainable participation development
  30. The Egyptian Center for Development and Studies on Democracy
  31. The Egyptian center for human rights
  32. The Egyptian Society for development democratic
  33. The group for human rights legal aid
  34. The Human Rights Association for Support of Prisoners
  35. The South Center for Human Rights
  36. One World Foundation for Development and Civil Society Support