Two Students, One is Detained, Deprived From Taking Final Exams
Two Students, One is Detained, Deprived From Taking Final Exams
Friday, May 29,2009 05:37

The administration of Fayoum University continue to write its worst record under the leadership of Dr. Ahmed El-Gohary president of the University, as the Disciplinary Board decided to prevent two student from taking their final exams without conducting any investigations with one of them because he has been detained since last April and with fictitious investigations with the other who wasn’t available during the incident they were investigating about.
These incidents started since 8th april when more over a 150 thugs attacked, under the protection of the guards of University, MB students at the Faculty of Education, kidnapped three and wounded dozens of them in addition to confiscating four speakers and microphone and tools of a festival organized by MB students to honour graduating students.
Depite the assaults carried out by thugs which were witnessed by everyone and recorded in audio and video, but the administration charged MB student with causing riot in the university and disturbing the academic work.
The Faculty of Engineering and its Dean Dr. Hany El-Ghazaly cocipate contributed by organizing Disciplinary Boards for a number of its students, although the incident happened in the Faculty of Education and students from Faculty of engineering did not participate in it.
The administration of the Faculty of Engineering decided to deprive the students Mahmoud Sayed Abdel Baqi and Amr Ibrahim Mohamed (both studying at the fist year in Civil Engineering) from taking final exams, however Amr Ibrahim did not have any administrative investigations since he was arrested in the same day of the festival and Mahmoud Sayed was not available during the time of attacks and only come to the University to enter the exams after the whole thing was over.
The student’s lawyer said he would resort to judiciary and bring an urgent suit against Dr. Hany El-Ghazaly, Dean of Faculty of Engineering, President of the University, and will get fair compensation for the prejudice they were subject to because of this unjust and illegal decision.
Meanwhile, the administration of the Faculty of Social Service has issued a decision to prevent Mohamed Mahrous Ragab, Hesham Saber and Salah Shaban from taking exams for the first semester, however after student have submitted a petition, Dr. Ahmed Elqadi decided the re-convening of the Disciplinary Board and to allow the students to enter the exams until they decision for the second Disciplinary Board.