Mandela: The IOA released prisoner Nawal Al-Sa’di
Mandela: The IOA released prisoner Nawal Al-Sa’di
Tuesday, May 26,2009 16:32
The Mandela institution for human rights and political prisoners said that the IOA released prisoner Nawal Al-Sa’di, the wife of sheikh Bassam Al-Sa’di, one of Islamic Jihad leaders, after serving six-month imprisonment sentence in Telmond prison.

Mandela institution said Israeli soldiers took prisoner Nawal to Tulkarem area and released her at an Israeli checkpoint there where she was received by her children and other members of her family.

The institution added that Nawal lived in very cruel conditions during her detention, especially as a result of her concern for her children who were left without a breadwinner after her husband was administratively detained in Israeli jails. Her brother and other relatives are also in detention.

The Hebrew radio reported Sunday that an Israeli military court sentenced a Palestinian girl from the West Bank to 15 months in prison at the pretext that she made contacts through the internet with Palestinian fighters affiliated with Islamic Jihad in Gaza and planned to carry out a martyrdom operation in the 1948 occupied lands.