Morsy: Egyptian Regime Lost Legitimacy
Morsy: Egyptian Regime Lost Legitimacy
Friday, May 15,2009 21:21

Dr. Mohamed Morsy, member of the MB Executive Bureau, described charges against 13 Muslim Brotherhood high-ranking leaders, which included  Dr. Osama Nasr, member of the Executive Bureau, as false and have no legal or constitutional validity




Morsy added that gov"t campaign against the MB is an indication of regime’s political failure and reflect the lack of credibility and popular legitimacy, at a time when the MB is enjoying an increasing public support and poltiical successes




Dr. Morsy challenged the ruling party is not able to compete in any fair and transparent elections, whether parliamentary, trade union, or even student bodies. He stressed that the regime always resort to repression against Egypt’s peaceful opposition which is seeking reform and restore the country"s national identity and its stand in the Arab world after decades of failed policies and dictatorship.



He denied that government"s latest escalation was repercussions to the MB support of the Lebanese and Palestinians resistance





He called on all Egyptians to reject regime"s practices against its opponents such as Muslim Brotherhood, national  powers and popular movements who represent a national front standing against all practices of US-Zionist platforms.





He hailed all detainees and prisoners who jailed in unjust military sentences, stressing they are the true vanguard of reform. Muslim Brotherhood is seeking political reform by peaceful means and it would not abandon its Islamic approach