A Former Official in the US Administration, Reasons For Cairo-Washington Tension
A Former Official in the US Administration, Reasons For Cairo-Washington Tension
Tuesday, May 12,2009 03:26

Dr. John Alterman (Director of the Middle East Centre in the Centre for Strategic and International Studies) that there is tension in the Egyptian- American relations, attributing this to the fact that both parties do not feel that they are getting paid back for what they provide the other with. 
During the video conference hosted by the American Embassy, Alterman who worked before as a special assistant to the Deputy Secretary of State for the Near Eastern Affairs added that US does not feel that it has received a payback for the billions it granted Egypt in the form of aid and that Egypt feels the same as well. 
On the relation between Cairo and Washington in the era of the US President George Bush, Alterman called for a change in the US-Egyptian relations through a joint plan in line with Camp David Accords. 
He stressed on the need to have stable and strong internal conditions in Egypt since this wouldn’t cause a threat to US or the neighboring countries, in reference to Israel
Alterman pointed out to the US- Egyptian common interest in countering “terrorism” and that the US- Iranian dialogue does not mean making concessions, pointing out that US administration would not provide Iran with anything at the expense of Egypt, and thus there are no fears regarding Egyptian interests.  
He stated that the Iranian behavior preserves Egyptian interests as he put it. 
Alterman stressed the significance of Mubarak’s expected visit of Mubarak to the US in mid June to the Middle East, pointing out that this visit will one of its kind since years of cold US- Egyptian relations.