Police Officer in Aswan Forcibly Detains A Citizen
Police Officer in Aswan Forcibly Detains A Citizen
Thursday, May 7,2009 01:11

The young man Muhammad Gaber El-Sayeh returned back to confinement in the police station of “Edfo” in preparation of his release to find Captain Hassan Nagib re-arresting him in order to fulfill his promise to El-Sayeh’s Family of not returning their son back because he (Muhammad) submitted many complaints to more than one body against Captain Hassan stating that he hit Muhammad’s father and caused him serious injuries in his right eye and bruises in different places of his body after trailing him along on the ground in addition to causing Muhammad’s mother’s right arm to be paralyzed upon witnessing what her husband and son went through.


This incident is taking place despite the serious attempts of the two MPs, deputies of Edfo, Abdel Hafez Haridi and Ali Rayyan to implement the decision to release him as well as submitting complaints to the Attorney General in Qena province and an urgent request from Hesham Mubarak Law Centre in Aswan to the Minister of Interior asking him for the release of the citizen in addition to a paper signed by members of the Local Council stressing that he does not belong to any of the affiliations along with a campaign to prove his membership in the ruling party NDP.


People of Edfo warned against the escalation of the situation and the increase of tensions between police and citizens due to some practices of such officer who emphasizes that he is private and public meetings that he is supported by the Ministry of Interior and has relatives in high positions in the Ministry who back him up