El-Katatny In Beirut Discusses Post-Islamist Political Participation
El-Katatny In Beirut Discusses Post-Islamist Political Participation
Monday, April 13,2009 10:11

Dr. Mohamed Sa’d El-Katatny, head of the MB parliamentary bloc in Egypt, participated in the Cargenie-organized conference in Beirut, Lebanon titled:  “Post-Islamist Political Participation,” throughout April 10-11.


The conference was attended by Islamist MPs from several Arab and Islamic countries including Morocco, Algeria, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, and Yemen who presented the outcomes of parliamentary performance and the regime’s mechanism in dealing with Islamist MPs.


Participants agreed that several Arab regimes have no toleration for Islamist political participation so either they lower their representation ratio such as the case in Jordan and Kuwait, or charge them a high price as is the case with the MB in Egypt who seized 88 seats in the 2005 parliament elections at the expense of prominent MB leaders being transferred to military trials and constitutional amendments made to hinder their progress in the next parliament elections.


Participants also questioned the scope of MB political participation in light of their exposure to ongoing crackdown and restraints.