‘’Independence’’ To Challenge Alexandria Elections
‘’Independence’’ To Challenge Alexandria Elections
Monday, April 13,2009 00:08

The Judicial Independence trend decided to challenge yesterday’s election results of the Alexandria Judges club in the upcoming days.


Former Club President and Independence leader Judge Mahmoud El-Khodeiry told Ikhwanweb, “Independence members took a break after the abnormal elections and strokes from unknown sources, although the council and its membership are not in need of all this fierceness,” adding that the trend is preparing a challenge against the elections and will be presenting it in the upcoming days.


El-Khodeiry explained that the trend considers the next few days a truce period and an opportunity to catch its breath before going on to the next phase in which it will be examining the different means for confronting the excessive violence being practiced against judges.


El-Khodeiry further clarified that the percentage of lawyers who boycotted the elections in response to the trend’s call had reached 80% of the judges residing in Alexandria.  El-Khodeiry also affirmed that the trend led by the club’s current president El-Bassiouny, in coordination with the Ministry of Justice, had paid a large sum of money in order to mobilize judges working outside Alexandria to vote for them in the elections.