“Independence” Withdraws From Alexandria Judge Elections
“Independence” Withdraws From Alexandria Judge Elections
Monday, April 6,2009 01:01

The Judicial Independence trend in the Judges of Alexandria Club announced that within two days they would file a request of withdrawal from the club’s renewal elections for the first third of the club’s judges to be held on the upcoming April 10.


Independence spokesperson and Vice-Head of the Court of Cassation Judge Ahmed Makky affirmed that the withdrawal request hadn’t been filed yet clarifying that the trend will be asking judges to abstain from voting for their candidates if there is insistence on holding the elections in their current form which consists a clear violation of the law due to the sudden addition of new members to the club.


Makky further explained that the trend is still preparing to file a legal lawsuit it will be litigating in front of the Court of Urgent Matters and Judicial Personnel Demands Bureau to invalidate the club’s renewal elections.