Luxor MB Activists Arrested
Luxor MB Activists Arrested
Wednesday, April 1,2009 09:16
By Mostafa Radwan

Egyptian security arrested two MB activists from Luxor Wednesday eve, April 1, after raiding their houses in El-Qarnah, Luxor.
A security force of six Central Security Vans had headed to the house of 47 year-old Sayyid Mohamed, a member in El-Qarna Social Development Society and activist in an orphan sponsorship program, arresting him and seizing his personal computer.
This security force then headed to the house of 27 year-old Ahmed Abul-Naga and arrested him after terrorizing his family.
Noteworthy is the State Security Prosecution’s denying Abdullah Gadur-Rabb Dawoud (who was detained on charges of affiliation with the MB) his right to appeal against the prosecution"s decision of extending his prison term to 15 more days for the third time!  The prosecution was stubborn to accept the request presented by the lawyer of the accused so the accused went to present the request himself, but the prosecution continued to refuse.
The arrest campaign comes within the context of the security escalation that began last month against MB leaders and members.