MB Activist Tortured in 6th of October State Security Headquarters
MB Activist Tortured in 6th of October State Security Headquarters
Tuesday, March 31,2009 07:08
By Amr Alsayed

During a two-day detention, thirty-five year-old MB affiliate Nagy El-Sayyid Abdul-Halim Mahmud was exposed to brutal torture at the hands of State Security officers in the 6th of October security headquarters in Sheikh Zayed.  The victim was completely stripped from his clothes, electrified in different and sensitive parts of his body, verbally and physically assaulted, and put in cold water.  He was also blindfolded so that he couldn’t see who was torturing him. The torture severely affected his health conditions and caused different injuries all over his body, a matter which forced the state security officers to release him before he died. 
Mahmud was first arrested last January during the Gaza demonstrations and detained along with others in the Central Security headquarters in Tora.  A prison sentence was then issued by the Ministry of Interior against him upon which he was detained in Marg prison until his release on March 26, 2009.  After his release, however, he was taken again, this time, to the State Security apparatus in Sheikh Zayed where he was detained for two days, assaulted, tortured, and electrified.
Mahmud has filed a report to the Attorney General requesting the conduction of investigations against those who detained and assaulted him for no justifiable reason.