Different National Forces Willing to Participate in 6 April Strike
Different National Forces Willing to Participate in 6 April Strike
Sunday, March 29,2009 16:10
By Mostafa Radwan

The Committee of Coordination between Parties and National Forces in Monofeya province has decided to participate in the next 6 April strike through submitting a statement signed by members of the committee in which they call people of Monofeya to take part in 6 April strike. The statement is expected to be released today, Sunday 29th.
The Committee stressed on the support to the demands of 6 April Youth Movement, stating that such demands are the most demands agreed upon among all sectors of Egyptian community, however some more demands should be added, according to the committee.
6 April Youth Movement, Al-Ghad Party and Kefaya Movement in Monofeya have decided to organise a protest on 6 April in front of Monofeya Province building to demand the same demands adopted by national forces and for which the strike was called for.
In a relevent context, 6 April Youth Movement emphasised that the next few days will be full of intensive efforts to coordinate with the national forces in more than one governorate to agree on the mechanisms of work on 6 April.
It is worth noting the announcement by Kefaya Movement of its participation in the strike. Moreover, Egyptian organisations in the US have expressed their support of next 6 April strike.