Three residents injured, two international activists detained in Hebron
Three residents injured, two international activists detained in Hebron
Sunday, March 29,2009 14:24

Palestinian sources in Hebron, in the southern part of the West Bank, reported Sunday that Israeli soldiers attacked a peaceful protest against Israeli settlements in the Old City of Hebron, and demanding the army to reopen Al Shuhada Street in the city; three residents were wounded, and two international activists were detained

The Al Shuhada road was closed by the army after the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre in 1994. 

Arab member of Israeli Knesset, General Secretary of the Hadash Movement, Mohammad Barakeh, Palestinian Legislator Sahar Qawasmi, member of the political bureau of the Palestinian People Party Afaf Ghatasha, member of the party’s central committee, Fahmi Shahin, and dozens of residents and peace activists, participated in the protest.

The protesters carried Palestinian flags, and chanted slogans against the settlements and the illegal Israeli policies. They also chanted for real peace in the region. 

The Israeli army attacked the protesters near the illegal outpost of Beit Romano in the Old City. Soldiers attacked the protesters with clubs and rifle butts, and dragged a number of protesters in the ground; several protesters were injured.

Later on, the army cuffed two international peace activists and detained them at a nearby settlement while the settlers called for more attacks against the activists and the residents.

Medical sources at the Hebron Governmental Hospital stated that three residents received treatment who suffered cuts and bruises after being violently attacked by the soldiers.

The three are Fahmi Shahin, 47, member of the political bureau of the Palestinian People Party (PPP), Mousa Abu Hash-hash, 54, a researcher with the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories (B’Tselem, and Azzam Al Jamal, an owner of the store in the area.

MK Barakeh slammed that army for attacking the protest and said that the Old City in Hebron should be a closed zone for the settlers and the soldiers, and not for the indigenous Palestinian residents.

Barakeh also called for boycotting the government of Benjamin Netanyahu until it recognizes the legitimate Palestinian rights and the two-state solution.

Furthermore, Barakeh called on all factions to achieve a unity deal and to end all of their internal conflicts and divisions.

PPP’s central committee member, Sahar Al Qawasmi, slammed the illegal Israeli measures and the closures in the Old City as the residents are under more restrictions while the illegal settlers have a free hand.    

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