Jordan’s IAF To Participate In Next Municipal Elections
Thursday, March 29,2007 00:00
By Ikhwanweb
The Islamic Action Front Party (IAF) decided to take part in the coming Municipal elections scheduled to be held next summer, said Rahil Al Ghraeba the IAF press spokesman.
The IAF’s executive office decided, in an emergency meeting held on Tuesday, to participate in the Municipal elections "in spite of the defects in the election law which we demand to amend”.
For his part, Zaki Bin Arsheed, the IAF’s Secretary-General, told Ikhwanweb that this decision was recommended by the central committee which was studying the issue of participating in the Municipal elections, and which received detailed field reports from all over Jordan around the party chances if it participates.
Bin Arsheed added that the IAF’s executive office approved the mechanisms for the participation and conditions and characteristics of candidates in addition to conditions of candidates for heading the Municipality.
Bin Arsheed pointed out that this decision " means starting measures on the ground to run for these elections and prepare candidates".
The IAF’s secretary General said that the executive office ordered all branches of the party to form subcommittees to supervise running the election process, and present reports about options for nomination in their regions, and also any potential coalitions with social and political powers that have a considerable presence in these regions.
Regarding the size and place of participation, Bin Arsheed said:” We will participate in every place where we can serve citizens".
Asked about women’s  participation in the party slates, he said that the party:" Will back women and youth to attain seats in the municipalities ".
Bin Arsheed noted that the IAF " objects to depriving some regions of participating in the elections and of " making their local decisions", referring to preventing both regions of Al-Aqabah and Petra from participating in these elections.