MB Lawyers “We Wont Participate in General Assembly of Next April”
MB Lawyers “We Wont Participate in General Assembly of Next April”
Tuesday, March 24,2009 11:56
By Basma Omar

Sameh Ashour, former chairman of the Bar Association, has expressed the seriousnessof his intention to convene an urgent General Assembly, to be held on 3rd of April.
Meanwhile, Dr. Abdel Monem Abdel Maqsoud (Chairman of MB Lawyers Electoral List) has stressed, in an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, the non-participation of MB lawyers in the General Assembly called for by Ashour, explaining the reasons of not participating as it stems from the variation of objectives, pointing out that Ashour is aiming at forming a temporary committee of lawyers to administrate the Association and to end the work of the current council, while MB lawyers in the Association are aiming at holding elections to the council of the Association in order to appoint an elected council to the Association instead of temporary committees because working as committees would have disastrous effects.
Abdel Maqsoud has confirmed the organization of MB lawyers of a protest next Sunday in front of South Cairo Court to accelerate holding elections of the Association’s council. They have also collected signatures of thousands of lawyers explaining the desire of lawyers to end the Associations election crisis to be submitted before the judge of the court.
Abdel Maqsoud has warned of the non-response to the demands of the lawyers, stressing that it is not going to be limited to protests only.