Horrific Murder Shows Favouring Political Security Over Citizens’ Security
Horrific Murder Shows Favouring Political Security Over Citizens’ Security
Tuesday, March 24,2009 11:51
By Mostafa Radwan

Deputy Saad El-Husseini (Member of MB Parliamentary Bloc), in an urgent statement submitted to Major General Habib El-Adli (Minister of Interior), has accused the Ministry of Interior of focusing on the political security more than the criminal security, adding that Ministry of Interior has failed to protect and prevent a citizen from being killed, although the crime took place few meters away from the police station and Gharbeya governor"s place of residency, at a time in which the Ministry of Interior is arresting political activists such as Dr. Mostafa El-Ghonemi (Consultative of Gynaecology and Obstetrics and Secretary-General of the Medical Association in Gharbeya Governorate) using tens of vehicles and hundreds of soldiers, only two weeks after his release despite his poor health condition.
He added, the horrific murder took place and there was no response by the Ministry of Interior, where Adel Afifi, who has a criminal record, killed the citizen Fathy Abdel Monem after shooting him with a barrage of bullets using a machine gun where the victim was sitting with some others in front of his house after midnight, in a scene comparable to cinema movies and criminal gangs.
El-Husseini explained that despite the verdict of 25 years imprisonment issued against the criminal, he is still free and the Ministry of Interior hasn’t arrested him yet to carry out the verdict, while it is busy arresting political activists, doctors and academicians hastily with police crowds, perhaps even before the issuance of arrest warrants, and fails to protect the life of a person who had been openly threatened to be killed, meters away from the police station.
He wondered about the reasons behind leaving criminals free! “Is it default or negligence? Is it a deficit in the number of security forces or is it the lack of equipments and means of transportation? Is it the preoccupation with political security over criminal security and security of the citizens and their lives?!”
Al-Hussaini demanded an urgent arrest of criminals in order to spread safety and security among residents of Al-Mahalla and to also deter criminals. He also demanded the establishment of a third police station strengthening and equipping police stations with more officers, vehicles and equipments and for police station to be fully dedicated to protect the security of the nation and the citizens.