Report Reveals Government Interventions In Judge Elections
Report Reveals Government Interventions In Judge Elections
Tuesday, March 17,2009 14:13

The Cairo report issued by Al-Ahram Institute for Political and Strategic Studies confirmed that the effect of financial and service enticements on the last elections of the Judges of Egypt Club is clear.

The report to be published in the March issue expects the results of the Judges Club elections to aim at introducing a relationship between Judges and the regime manifested in the Ministry of Justice in a step towards a new phase marked by mutual cooperation and forgetting the past tensioned relations between the club and the government over a number of legislations that were adopted by the government and refused by the club, the first of them being the law of Judicial Authority and others which provoked the majority of Judges.

The report explained that this phase will witness reconciliation between the Judges Club and the government which means the facilitation of Judges" access to material and managerial benefits they request from the government.

The report further affirmed the presence of interventions from the Ministry of Justice and Supreme Judicial Council in these elections attributing them to the importance that these elections represented as there was fear from the repetition of the scenario when Judge Zakariyya Abdul-Aziz was President of the Club which led to a clash with the Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Judicial Council.

The report also indicated that these interventions took several forms including some judges", who had been under Abdul-Aziz"s administration, seeking to file judicial lawsuits to cancel the board"s decision to increase the club"s membership fees to 20 LE, and their ability, in fact, to attain a judicial ruling canceling the decision; and the Supreme Judicial Council"s support for Judge Ahmed El-Zind, which El-Zind himself didn"t deny according to the report in which he confirmed that the council has a wide scope of powers that enabled him to move the Judges to vote for him.