MB Leader: Gamal’s Visit To U.S. Doubt-Ridden, Purposely Kept Secret
MB Leader: Gamal’s Visit To U.S. Doubt-Ridden, Purposely Kept Secret
Tuesday, March 10,2009 07:28
By Basma Omar

MB Leader Esam El-Erian told Ikhwanweb that Gamal Mubarak’s visit to U.S. took place very secretly.  “We never heard or saw any comment in the American or Egyptian media on this visit, and it is obvious that there is media cover-up on this visit from both the Egyptian and American sides.  This is in addition to the already lacking transparency and authenticity of the Egyptian media. Nothing about the purpose of this visit will be announced except that which is wanted.  However, this secrecy is a sign that something is going on that is intentionally being concealed from both the Egyptian and American public opinion.”
Regarding his personal evaluation of the visit, El-Erian said, “there are guesses suggesting that Gamal Mubarak went to the U.S. on a task to “test the waters” for the expected visit of the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to the White House.”
“There is another opinion that sees that Mubarak Jr. went to the White House to present the issues of succession to the new American administration and to see the extent of its acceptance of the idea especially as we approach the new presidential elections next year.  In the end, these are all guesses we can’t be definite about under the extremely secret atmosphere surrounding this visit,” El-Erian said.
Commenting on an American expert’s comment that Gamal Mubarak didn’t bring anything new in his reform plan and was satisfied with pain relievers, according to some Egyptian papers, El-Erian said that “the problem lies in the fact that Gamal Mubarak is presenting himself to the Western society as if he is an expert in the matters of Egyptian economy and is always trying to make the Egyptian economy appear to them that it is going well thanks to the reform efforts of the government in order to derive more American support.”
“And of course this is incorrect. All the labor strikes here and there requesting the restoration of laborers’ ignored rights and protesting against their salaries that have gone with the wind in addition to Egypt’s share in the global economic crisis which has exhausted the economies of the world’s leading countries, then what would be expected from a country such as Egypt.  And in spite of all that, Mr. Gamal Mubarak says that the Egyptian economy is going well.  Exactly, which country is Mr. Gamal Mubarak talking about?!,” El-Erian continued.
Regarding the link between Gamal Mubarak’s visit to the U.S. and the fierce detainment campaign launched by the Egyptian authorities against the MB leaders in the governorates, El-Erian said, “In my personal opinion, there is no link between the visit and the arrests,” adding, “I believe that this campaign against the MB is a pavement of the way for the war that is to take place during the upcoming presidential elections.  I expect these detainees will be transferred to military trials to become a card in the hands of the Egyptian government for pressuring the MB in the upcoming elections.”
It is mentioned that the Egyptian President’s son, Gamal Mubarak, Assistant Secretary of the NDP ruling party and Secretary General of the NDP Policies had traveled to Washington last Sunday on a four-day visit without announcing the purpose of the visit and amid an extreme cover-up on its developments by both the Egyptian and American media.