MB MPs Request Withdrawal of Trust from Government
MB MPs Request Withdrawal of Trust from Government
Tuesday, March 10,2009 01:52

Several MPs from the independent and opposition blocs in the Egyptian Parliament called for the dismissal of the current government led by Dr. Ahmed Nazif in view of the gross financial violations that were revealed by the report issued by the Egyptian Central Auditing Organization (CAO) in its session last Monday, March 2.
MB Bloc Media Spokesperson Hamdy Hasan told Ikhwanweb that “MB MPs are concerned with holding the government accountable for the violations it committed regardless of whether it leaves or stays.”
The CAO’s report had revealed violations reaching the degree of financial crimes and strangely, for nine years, the government has been listening to the CAO’s reports but does nothing about it, not even try to change its policies as if it insists on the presence of corruption.
“MB MPs will continue to keep an eye on the corruption going on inside the Parliament and will support every person seeking the country’s welfare,” Hasan added concluding, “We request the withdrawal of trust from a government that is not able to manage the country’s institutions or a recommendation by the Egyptian President to change it.”
It is mentioned that the Parliament had witnessed a heated session between CAO President Judge Jawdat El-Malt and the Egyptian ministers, who sometimes some of them escape these sessions.
El-Malt mentioned in his report issued by the CAO that the Egyptian government had committed 25 financial violations that are sufficient to destroy countries’ economies, and not only one country such as Egypt. 
These developments took place in response to NDP members’ requests for canceling the monitorial role of the CAO.