Security Police Arrest 17 Muslim Brotherhood Leaders
Security Police Arrest 17 Muslim Brotherhood Leaders
Tuesday, March 3,2009 02:54

Egyptian security arrested seven MB affiliates Tuesday eve, March 3 after raiding their houses.

Five of the arrested are from Algharbia and they are: Mustafa El-Gheneimy, Mus’ad Qutb, Mohamed El-Surougy, Ayman El-Shaf’I, and Abdel-Aziz El-Naggar.  The other two are from Giza who are: Yaser Abduh and ‘Adel ‘Afifi.

It is worthy mentioning that Mustafa El-Ghoneimy was arrested via an ambulance due to his bad health conditions. 

The arrest campaign comes as part of the illegal security approach adopted by the Ministry of Interior against MB detainees whose houses were raided barbarously without any judicial warrant.

In Monofyia: Abdulmoaty Alnadry and Fathi Shehab
In Cairo: Ahmad Abbas and khaked Beltagy
In Alxandria: Khaked Abdulhamead Morsy
In Dakhlia: Abdulmohsen Alkmhawy and Hamed Mansour
In Sharkya: Amir Bassam, Alsayed Hozayen and Atef Rashed