Mashaal: The resistance is a strategic choice of Hamas
Mashaal: The resistance is a strategic choice of Hamas
Sunday, March 1,2009 17:14

Khaled Mashaal, the head of the Hamas political bureau, stated Saturday that the resistance is the strategic choice of his Movement and it is an obligation until the liberation of every inch of Palestine, highlighting that Hamas seeks a reconciliation preserving the unity of the Palestinian people, their resistance and national constants.

"I assure you that Hamas, no matter how far it has reached in the field of politics, will remain a resistance movement and the battle of Gaza is an exemplar and practical conclusive proof that neither the passage of years nor positions can change the fighter," Mashaal underlined in a speech to a Jordanian delegation in his office in Damascus.

Regarding the national reconciliation, the Hamas leader said that his Movement moves forward in this project in order to achieve reconciliation preserving the unity of Gaza and the West Bank and protecting the resistance project and the Palestinian constants and rights without prejudice or compromise.

The Hamas leader added that his Movement responded to the Egyptian reconciliation efforts and transcended its wounds in Gaza and the suffering of its cadres in PA jails in order to achieve the national reconciliation.

Regarding the insulting broadcasts in the Israeli media against Prophet Jesus, his mother and Prophet Mohamed, the Hamas leader underscored that this transgression foreshadows the imminent doom of the Zionist entity, saying those who show enmity towards God and his prophets would never be victorious or have place in this blessed land.

The Hamas leader also warned that the Zionist entity is the real danger which threatens Jordan and all Arab and Islamic countries especially with the advent of Netanyahu government, stressing that Hamas and the resistance factions are keen on the security and stability of Jordan.
In a statement received by the PIC, senior leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan Kadhim Ayish that his movement supports the reconciliation efforts in Egypt, expressing hope that the inter-Palestinian dialog would lead away from the Zio-American project, protecting the choice of resistance and rearranging the Palestinian house according to patriotic criteria.

Ayish said that the Zio-American projects proved failure and the wagering of some Palestinian parties on it would remain a major constraint on the achievement of long-lived reconciliation.