Severe Criticism Due to Security Harassments to jurists and Politicians in Tunisia
Severe Criticism Due to Security Harassments to jurists and Politicians in Tunisia
Wednesday, February 18,2009 03:35
By Mostafa Radwan

The International Association for the Support of the Prisoners has criticized, in a statement that Ikhwanweb had a copy of, the series of attacks and security restrictions which are imposed by the Tunisian authority on jurists and politicians.

It added that Tunisian authorities continue to use the state security and the judiciary againts Abdel Wahab Muattar(Vice-President of the International Association for the support of the Political Prisoners) targeting his legal and political struggles and his spirit of resistance which the civil society relies on .

Mr. Abdulwahab represents one of the civil society"s components and resisting singularities.

It also explained that despite the refusal of the Court of Jibaya district in Safaks headed by Mr. Sufyan Alburji, held on 04.02.2008, and the defense request to postpone the case No. 825 until the review and answering the report which was submitted by Jibaya district to guarantee obliging Mr. Abdel Wahab to pay the amount of 232.530.855 Dinar for the years 2004 and 2005 after counting the money which belongs to his employees as his, however the court has insisted on postponing the case until 25th of February.

Mr. Moattar has submitted earlier all documents which would refute the accusations of arbitrary and unjust employment made by Jibaya administration.

The International Association for the support of political prisoners has criticized the court’s refusal to allow the defense to complete its legal defense and wanting to quickly decide on the case.

The Association has stressed that the innovated ways of Jabayi punishments, which affected a number of civil society members, is now being practiced against Abdelwahab in a way that have exceeded all other political activists and jurists.

It accused Tunisian authorities of the deprivation and starvation policies deliberately against jurists and political activists.

The Association has called on all Tunisian and international human rights organizations to stop these unjust procedures by all media and legal means.