Strike for 3rd in a Row, Gov’t Covers Up Failure with Banning Trailers
Strike for 3rd in a Row, Gov’t Covers Up Failure with Banning Trailers
Tuesday, February 17,2009 11:02
By Basma Omar

Egyptian government is covering up its failures through banning trailers, said a member of parliament in statement to Ikhwanweb.

Hassanein Al Shoura, member of the transportation committee in Egyptian People"s Assembly and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood"s parliamentary bloc, accused Egyptian government of covering up its failure through releasing a decision banning trailers.

"Instead of allocating roads for trailers to make use of them, the government totally bans them under pretext that that are the cause of road accidents", he said.

"If banning is the solution, so we should ban trains because Upper Egypt train caught fire with more than two thousand citizens inside it. We should also ban ferries becasue Al-Salam 98 ferry sank with 1200 on deck".

Al Shoura also lambasted such rash government actions specially in the midst of the global financial crisis. "Instead of if finding ways to ease pressure of the economic crisis on people, the government adds more burdens through law of banning trailers and the law of raising judicial fees and the worse is yet to come from a government that gives a deaf ear to people"s suffering", he said.

MP Hassanein Al-Shoura accused government-in an urgent statement- of rashness in issuing the traffic law that caused the crisis that trailer drivers are facing now. He also accused government of misleading people through offering false information to the People"s Assembly as the Interior Ministry"s data says that the number of trailers in Egypt is only 18.000 trailers while the true number of trailers in Egypt is 120.000 thousand trailers.

It is worth noting that Egyptian government faild in ending the strike of trailer drivers. The strike continues for the third day in a row although security services arrested 46 trailer drivers and the drivers threatened with extending period of the strike indefinitely because of the intervention of security services and using a repressive way to solve the crisis.