Report: Obama will deal with the Palestinian cause in the interest of Israel
Report: Obama will deal with the Palestinian cause in the interest of Israel
Saturday, February 7,2009 09:31

A strategic report on the future of political settlement in the Middle East under the new administration of US president Barack Obama stated that the White House will adopt the method of direct and immediate involvement in the file of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, but in a way serving the interest of Israel and its project in the region.

The report which was prepared last December by the Zaituna center for studies and consultations said that Obama hastened on the first day of his tenure to deal directly with the Arab-Israeli conflict, which confirms the importance that the new US administration would give this file despite its busy agenda.

It added that the appointment of George Mitchell as a special envoy to the Middle East bears out that Obama will adopt, but with some caution, his predecessor president Bill Clinton"s way of direct involvement in order not to repeat Clinton"s failure in eight-year marathon negotiations.

The report noted that Mitchell has a realistic and pragmatic personality and avoids making ideological judgments and his good track record of reaching an agreement between Britain and Northern Ireland in April 1998 confirms that, adding that the Zionist lobby in the US has fears that the realism of Mitchell could constitute a real challenge to Israel in the US.

The report, however, pointed out that Obama"s listening to many unofficial advisors such as ex-US president Jimmy Carter and his former national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, who do not hesitate to criticize Israel, may contribute to the achievement of some tangible results in the interest of the Palestinian cause.